Architecture and Planning

Your home is probably your most precious and valuable asset, so making the decision to extend or improve is a very important one and can be daunting. From your initial wish list, you will want to know if your project needs planning permission, is it practical to build and what will it cost.

Unfortunately none of us has a bottomless pit of money, and not all the ideas on your wish list are achievable, so before you embark on the voyage you will need practical advice from someone who has the experience and knowledge to guide you. Normally that will be an architect, however, unless employed to manage the project, which is generally very expensive, the architect’s involvement usually stops once the plans are drawn and approved. That’s where HMH offer a service with a difference.

The Difference

Sadly we have come across so many clients who have had expensive plans drawn up by what are undoubtedly very skilled architects, only to find that when the Builders’ quotes arrive the costs are way in excess of the estimates advised by the architect. That then leads to either cutting back on the project, or it not happening at all. Either way, the Client has wasted time and money to get a design they can’t afford.

 At HMH we aim to manage your expectations by offering a low cost architectural design service from which we can  advise, produce planning and regulation drawings, carry out structural calculations so that when ready your project is all set to go. This is the same as any architect, the big difference though is that as we are primarily builders, so our advice on costs and practicality is based on real experience. Therefore, when your plans are done you will have the confidence that your whole project will be within your budget with no nasty surprises.

Then the added bonus, if HMH carry out the work for you, the cost of our in house architectural fees will be deducted from your build cost (Ts&Cs apply)

Initial consultations are free so why not call us to discuss your project. You have nothing to lose.


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